Evangelical Philosophical Society to host Apologetics Conference

The Evangelical Philosophical Society will be hosting the 7th Annual Apologetics Conference in New Orleans on the evenings of Thursday, November 19, Friday, November 20 and the morning of Saturday, November 21. This year’s theme is “Come, Let Us Reason: Rooting Your Faith in Knowledge.”

Some of the topics will include:

“New Atheists, Old Atheists and Old Apologists” Dr. Timothy McGrew

The arguments of contemporary atheists against Christianity are for the most part borrowed from atheists and freethinkers of centuries gone by. Those arguments were answered, sometimes brilliantly, by apologists and scholars whose work is now largely forgotten. The history of apologetics is more than a field for antiquarian study; it provides a rich array of arguments and insights of contemporary relevance.

“Can Atheists Be Good Without God? Yes and No” Dr. Paul Copan

Because humans have been made in God’s image, our basic moral intuitions as well as our moral obligations and dignity/rights are best accounted for by the existence of a good God. Naturalistic attempts to ground objective morality fail to show how value could emerge from valuelessness, and naturalistic efforts to explain away objective morality (through evolution or cultural influences) prove to be inadequate and counter-intuitive.

“Apologetically Blonde: The Struggle of Women to Defend the Faith and What They Should Do About It” Ms. Toni Allen

She will be speaking on the struggle of women to defend the faith and the vital need women have to love God with their minds. She will provide practical examples of what women can do daily to increase their cerebral space and learn Christian apologetics.

This year’s conference will be held at New Orleans Baptist Theological Seminary located at 3939 Gentilly Blvd.

To find out more or to purchase tickets: go to EPSApologetics


  • You can be sure I’m going to be there as New Orleans’ resident atheist agitator.

  • We need more agitators out there, so hopefully you won't be alone.

    We'll look forward to a report on the sessions you attend.