How do atheists reconcile the Home Depot button controversy?

Don’t know much about the Home Depot button controversy? Well, you should.

Trevor Keezer, the Home Depot employee at the heart of the situation is an interesting study in contradictions.

On the one hand, he says he doesn’t make a habit of touting his religious beliefs, but on the other hand, he says that he couldn’t take off the button because the issue as he saw it was “bigger” than he is.

“It never crossed my mind to take off the button because I’m standing for something that’s bigger than I am. They kept telling me the severity of what you’re doing and I just let God be in control and went with His plan,” Keezer said.

Then Keezer says he was a model employee at Home Depot and he liked his job.

Okay. But does a “model” employee violate company policies simply because he doesn’t agree with them?

And since when does a place of business become a platform for someone’s private religious beliefs? It’s usually a place to perform a function to the best of your ability and to get paid, NOT a church. That’s what churches are for.

“I want to be a voice for the rest of the Christians and for the citizens of this country to stand up for the country. You know, quit being told to sit down. Say what you want to say and don’t be afraid of the consequences,” he said.

Well, then he wasn’t afraid of the consequences. He was warned and he was finally fired for his behavior. It was his choice.

No. Wait a minute. It was God’s plan.

And I guess God’s plan was for Trevor Keezer to be unemployed.