Membership and Donations

NOSHA is funded entirely through member dues and donations, so your support is vital to sustaining our humanist community and programming.  And NOSHA is a 501(c)3 charity, so All donations and dues are tax-deductible.


Becoming a member of NOSHA is a great way to support your local secular community. Dues are quite affordable, so join today!

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We welcome donations of any amount to NOSHA! Your donation will help us cover costs such as:

  • Basic operating costs – meeting facilities and supplies, website maintenance and security, fees for banking and mailing, etc.
  • Speakers – We aspire to occasionally bring in speakers of note for whom we need honoraria and expenses, including hotel, food and flights to New Orleans.
  • Advertising – publicizing NOSHA events in local media, and promoting NOSHA as an organization with ads on street cars, billboards and other possible media outlets.
  • Philanthropy and Community Service – At NOSHA, we put compassionate humanism into action through a variety of community service projects and charitable fundraising. NOSHA also partners with the Foundation Beyond Belief, as part of their Beyond Belief Network of secular groups.

Remember that any donations to NOSHA are tax-deductible! If you have any questions or comments, or would like your donation to go to a specific purpose, please contact NOSHA Board President Charlotte Klasson at

Use the form below to donate online.

If you’d prefer to donate by check, make it payable to NOSHA, and send to
    P.O. Box 58536, New Orleans, LA 70158-8536.