Does the Saints’ game prove there is a god?

And I’m not talking about a Catholic saints pick-up basketball game either?

No, I’m referring to the come-from-behind win against the Miami Dolphins that kept our mutual delirium going for at least another eight more days. For any of you who don’t know what I’m talking about (or don’t care much for Sunday football), please indulge the philosphy of this question.

I can’t imagine that there isn’t at least one real Saints fan somewhere out there (who also happens to be a devout atheist) who didn’t, for a moment, say a silent prayer to will the Saints to make a game of it, much less win it. They may not have been praying to anything that even closely resembles the god of religious folks, but the “wish” was just the same.

And when this kind of thing happens, what are we supposed to do? Do we feel tremendously lucky? Do we wonder if all of our collective prayers to the universe or some god-like entity were actually answered?

Does god have the Saints best interests at heart this season or should we be thankful to the team coaches that they finally know what they are doing?

You tell me.


  • The question I have is this:

    Does anyone know if God gambles on NFL games?

    If he knows the outcome, wouldn't that give him an unfair advantage?

    Given his unfair advantage, is he banned from gambling at the Las Vegas casinos?

    He could really make a killing if he bet on sports, or roulette, etc.

  • since the world, and god is what you make of it, then 'yes' he has the best interests of the people watching the saints. but remember, god is very unpredictable and can turn on a dime.