There’s Always Room for Research

Child Cognition Lab at Boston University is conducting a study that compares how religious vs. non-religious adults think about nature. They have collected data from religious participants and now need non-religious participants to make the comparison. Would you be interested in helping us with our research?

Your participation in this research is voluntary. If you decide to participate, the participation only requires you to visit our study webpage to look at a series of pictures and make judgments about them, and then complete questionnaires about your background, scientific understanding, attitudes and personal beliefs. Participation should only take about 40 minutes. 

This study webpage is designed to work on laptop or desktop computers and will not work on portable devices such as iPads. Also, if you decide to participate, make sure that you are in a quiet place free from disturbances (e.g. TV) and able to concentrate through every task.

Participants will not receive any benefits from this study, other than knowing that they helped science understand better how religious vs. non-religious people think. We hope this will be a good incentive for you, and that you will help us!

And for the sake of the scientific integrity of the study, please participate only ONCE!

Here is the link to the consent form and the study:

THANK YOU so much for your interest!

Child Cognition Lab
Boston University
(617) 358-1738