NOSHA members sending donations to HSL!

NOSHA is collecting donations to help the Humane Society of Louisiana in their efforts to rebuild and recover from the horrific fire that destroyed their Tylertown shelter building. Animals lost their lives or are recovering from injuries and several employees lost  many personal belongings and will struggle with getting back on their feet.

We are encouraging members to donate via our website and we’ll donate in the name of all secular humanists from our organization. Go to our website and look for the link at the top of the page under our banner (you can’t miss it!)

All donations are accepted and appreciated no matter how small, so don’t feel like you can’t donate if you can’t give a huge amount. Every bit adds up! You will receive an acknowledgement from PayPal that you can use if you itemize for your taxes and all monies from this link will go to the Humane Society. It is one way to help homeless animals and the people who work to make our community a more compassionate place for our furry friends in their time of need.

Thank you to everyone who has already stepped up!