Are women second class citizens?

I’m curious….in light of the Stupak Amendment passing, does anyone else think that perhaps we really do live in a society that honestly thinks of women as second class citizens who don’t warrant respect for our bodies or reproductive health needs?

(Or at least when certain religious viewpoints such as the “Bishops’ Caucus” are given credence over medical decisions in our political system.)

And before you reject this comment out of hand, consider that when religious opinions are brought into the mix, even some women in positions of power who we think of as “on our side” will sacrifice women’s issues and label us as expendable.

This potential setback of women’s health care is extremely significant (if the current Health Care Plan is passed in the Senate) and seems to set a tone that women are not fully recognized in this society as worthy of respect or consideration of our health needs…at least not in the same way as males.

I hope I’m wrong.

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