The New Orleans Secular Humanist Association is dedicated to raising the awareness of people of the Gulf Coast region to the ideals and values of secular humanism.

What is Humanism?

Humanists reject superstitious beliefs. Instead, we can make sense of the world using reason, experience and shared values. We can make the best of life by creating meaning and purpose for ourselves, and choosing to take responsibility for our actions.

It is important to act morally towards others, not because of a divine imperative, but because people have inherent dignity. We have only one life, it is our responsibility to make it a good life, and to live it well.

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Upcoming Events

Please see the NOSHA Calendar for all scheduled events.

  • How to Track State Legislation

    March 25 @ 6:00 pm - 8:00 pm at Goldring-Woldenberg JCC – Metairie

    Louisiana’s legislature has online tools that make it easy for citizens to look up legislation, find out who writes, sponsors and votes for legislation, and even watch public hearings. This workshop will teach you how to use the website to keep up with legislative proceedings and hold your legislators accountable. Join us in person or online for this LIVE webinar. To RSVP or ask questions: To join the webinar, email for instructions. ** Please note: thi...

  • Sunday Freethinkers Fika – March

    March 31 @ 10:00 am - 12:00 pm at CC’S Community Coffee House

    This has become an enjoyable social activity organized by NOSHA board member William Gautreaux. Bring your enthusiasm, your topics and your willingness to listen to your freethinking friends! “Fika”, a valued social institution in Sweden, means taking a regular break to enjoy refreshments with your friends or colleagues. It’s a great chance to visit with like-minded folks and discuss what is on everyone’s mind.

The Humanist Advocate – Recent Posts

The Futile Future Awaiting America’s Polarized Right

The Futile Future Awaiting America’s Polarized Right The politics of the United States has always been on unstable and shifting grounds because this instability is heavily influenced by societal changes depending on the era. Political centrism started declining in the late 1970s when conservatism was redefining itself as a core identity within the American politics to resist  the escalating influence of socialism by the Soviets. This turning point debunks the standard rule that societies evolve in a linear direction, and…

What Science Is Not

The following is a continuing review of John Gray’s recent publication Seven Types of Atheism.     Social evolution is an exceptionally bad idea. But bad ideas rarely evolve into better ones. Instead they mutate, and reproduce themselves in new guises. John Gray     In the chapter “A Strange Faith in Science,” from John Gray’s Seven Type of Atheism, he tells of a collection of books under the name “The Thinker’s Library,” published by the Rationalist Press Association in…

Got Hate?

The second in a series reviewing Seven Types of Atheism by John Gray (Farrar Straus Giroux, New York, 2018.) If, said I, it is sweet to refuse to do good, it must be heavenly to do evil.   “The Dark Divinity of Nature” The writings of Dontien Alphones Francois, Marquis de Sade, from whose name we are indebted to as the origin of English words such as sadism, sadistic, and sado-masochism are filled with “descriptions of orgies….which feature highly ritualized fantasies of…


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