The New Orleans Secular Humanist Association is dedicated to raising the awareness of people of the Gulf Coast region to the ideals and values of secular humanism.

What is Humanism?

Humanists reject superstitious beliefs. Instead, we can make sense of the world using reason, experience and shared values. We can make the best of life by creating meaning and purpose for ourselves, and choosing to take responsibility for our actions.

It is important to act morally towards others, not because of a divine imperative, but because people have inherent dignity. We have only one life, it is our responsibility to make it a good life, and to live it well.

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Upcoming Events

Please see the NOSHA Calendar for all scheduled events.

  • Sunday Freethinkers Fika – August

    August 25 @ 10:00 am - 12:00 pm at CC’s Coffee House

    Our monthly Freethinkers Fika is a small, friendly social gathering for humanists, atheists, agnostics, and freethinkers to engage in free discussion with like-minded others in a coffee-shop atmosphere. Secular Humanism is a philosophy that seeks to make sense of the world using science, reason, and shared values; we reject attempts to explain the world in supernatural terms. This philosophy forms the basis for our affiliation in NOSHA, and thus will necessarily inform the perspective from which...

  • Last Supper Dinner Club – September

    September 10 @ 6:30 pm - 8:30 pm at Central City BBQ

    One of our favorite locations with easy and ample parking and you pay up front, so so worrying about the bill. You can check out the menu here: *** As a courtesy to the restaurant and the other attendees, please update your status if something changes and you or your guest cannot attend (so we don’t look like fools to the restaurant staff for asking them to set up for 20 when only 12 show up!) We send out

  • It’s Time To Talk: Join Us for a Group Discussion!

    September 21 @ 2:30 pm - 5:00 pm at Jefferson Parish Library – East Bank Regional Library

    We haven’t held our Group Discussion program in a long while, so we’re overdue for this fun and informative event! It’s one of our most popular themes which allows everyone to have direct conversations and learn about the opinions and perspectives of your friends at NOSHA. Questions and topics will be determined and posted at a later date.

The Humanist Advocate – Recent Posts

Positive News: Christianity is on the Decline in America

    The trend of the changing religious landscape in the United States began in the 1980s. The country is the Christian hub of the West with an unprecedented influence of church into politics. In 1990,  88 percent of Americans identified as Christians but since, that percentage has been been in decline. By 2007, it was 77 percent and by 2016 it reached a historic low of 69 percent with only 62 percent belonging to church congregations.   This shift…

Secular Spirituality: A Misnomer?

It would be difficult to deny that many of our fellow humans have experienced a mental state in reaction to an event external to themselves that they would classify, for lack of another term, as spiritual. (It would be equally difficult to overlook that the word, and its derivation spirituality, are often overused, or exaggerate the actual mental state the user experiences—remember what happened to “awesome”?) But what is a spiritual experience, anyway? This mental state may also be described…

How Trumpism will Outlive Trump’s Presidency

  It is not coincidental to assume that Donald Trump won the presidency by chance for being an outsider. This rhetoric of him being an anti-establishment person who managed to break the system in order to win over the White House isn’t by any means realistic. In fact, Donald J. Trump is part of the traditional establishment, the elitists,  who have been running the country for decades. And, regardless of the bogus methods he used accumulate his wealth, Trump is…


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